Staff development workshops can be tailored to your organizational needs. Dr. Brooke has consulted with BOCES, YMCA, and Geneseo Elementary School to name a few. She has presented on conflict resolution, art therapy, and strategies for working with challenging children/teens. Dr. Brooke is an organizational psychologist who has consulted with nonprofit organizations, primarily child care centers, presenting staff development workshops (child/abuse neglect; child development; and behavior management strategies).

Also, she has appeared as a consultant, several times, on the Buffalo TV News, the AM and PM shows, on topics of sexual abuse, art therapy, and video voyeurism.

Dr. Brooke is an international consultant on art therapy assessment and the use of art therapy with sexual abuse survivors. She consulted with Concordia University on the topic of art therapy assessment.

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The organizer of the Montreal Conference (the woman on the left in the above picture), Anya Tonkonogy, commented on the presentation:

"Dr. Brooke did a great job of addressing those questions that came up, and she checked in throughout the presentation on whether people needed further clarification and so on... after all, there are only so many hours in a day, and we asked MANY questions. I stand by my opinion that she handled the limited time frame (given the large scope of the topic at hand) with masterful attention and patience. I thought the presentation was wonderful. The general consensus from those whom I have spoken with directly is that they share in my opinion of Dr. Brooke’s presentation."

Ireland Art Therapy Group - Summer 2007

Click here to read the Association For Play Therapy, Foundation for Play Therapy's evaluation of Dr. Brooke. (.pdf file)

And from attendees of Dr. Brooke's presentation in Japan on “Art Therapy with Survivors” Aug.5-7, 2005:

Dr. Stephanie L. Brooke gave three days presentation in Japan from Aug.5 through Aug.7 (one night lecture and 2 days workshop) held by Creative Arts Therapy Institute, Japan.

More than 60 people attended the lecture. Participants are art therapists, clinical psychologists, school counselors, medical doctors, occupational therapists, staff of child consultation center, staff of womens’ welfare center, students of psychology and so forth.
Most of them are working close to some kind of survivors such as domestic violence, child abuse or sexual abuse.

Dr. Brooke introduced the benefits of art therapy with sexual abuse survivors. She, then, elaborated the indications of abuse in the picture in order to make an assessment. She stressed on the importance of assessment in art. For abused people, nonverbal approach to assess and find the whole view of the trauma is crucial.

Lecture was led in the professional and comprehensive manner, and the audience listed intently to her words.

There were 45 participants in the following 2 days workshop on weekends. The focus on Saturday was Empowerment Group Sessions which had been designed by Dr. Brooke. The group consists of 8 week sessions and participants practiced each art work in a small group. Participants were so engaged in their own work as to the silence prevailed in the room, and then lively sharing were seen everywhere.

On Sunday, we learned other diagnostic drawings and practiced some of them such as FCCD and DDS in a small group. Many people seemed to get some self-revelation in the context of their family and raised insight in them to a degree through the work. Many active questions were put by the participants. People seemed satisfied with what they learned and showed their interests in practicing with clients in their clinical placements.

We give special thanks to Dr. Brooke to give us a wonderful chance to learn as many methods as we can in this limited period of time. Such occasion will be hardly ever possible here in Japan.

Norio Seki
Art Therapist
Creative Arts Therapy Institute, Japan

To download a clip of Dr. Brooke's workshop in Japan, please click here (52.3 mb).  

To Dr. Brooke

Thank you very much for the lecture which was practical and easy to comprehend, and also two days workshop in which I was so involved. Cases in the lecture were interesting in the way of interpreting the pictures, with which I’m not familiar.

In the workshop, we made color chart, line chart and shape chart. To understand the multiple meanings of “black”, for example, made me realize the importance of respecting the personality of the each client, for we are apt to see him/her through the manual. As I am working with young children who have poor power of expression, I found it more effective to let them draw spontaneously and find their issue in the picture rather than giving them a direction of what to draw.

I wish we had more time to hear from you in the presentation and hope we will have another chance in the future. I also wish your books to be translated into Japanese in the future.

Thanks again for the wonderful three days which were very precious to me.

Akemi Ogawa
Chief Child Counselor

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you very much for the fruitful 3 days. Currently I am in charge of a 14-year-old girl who has been abused by her real mother. I have been groping for the appropriate approach to her trauma and method of assessment as well. However, a concrete explanation in your presentation such as systematic study of assessment or usage of the various charts was very suggestive and helpful to me. I am thinking to apply them in future.

I hope I can participate in your workshop again and looking forward to seeing you then.


Hiroko Fukui
School counselor

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