April 2006

Wednesday, April 26, 2006, Dr. Brooke Appeared on Channel 7 News, WKBW-TV's Western New York Live to talk about sexual misconduct in schools. Click here to see her picture.

February 2006

February, 2006, Dr. Brooke was interviewed by TriCities.com News to discuss the problem of sexual exploitation in schools.

August 2005

TrendsHealth Magazine
TrendsHealth Magazine
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Dr. Brooke was interviewed for TrendsHealth Magazine. It is one of the top ten best fashion and health magazines in China. She discussed the use of art therapy with trauma survivors.

June 2005

Dr. Brooke completed a TV taping and live radio interview on art therapy in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

June 16 , 2005:

Dr. Brooke appeared on Channel 7 News, WKBW-TV's Western New York Live, to discuss ARIA (Awareness of Rape and Incest through Art). Click here to watch slide show.

October 12, 2004:

Dr. Brooke appeared on the WKBW-TV's AM Buffalo program on October 12, 2004 to discuss the second edition of her book - Tools of the Trade: A therapist's guide to art therapy assessments. Click here to watch slide show.

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March 26, 2004:

Ms. Brooke was interviewed on WKBW-TV's Western New York Live on the topic of art therapy with children. She presented pictures of her upcoming book, A therapist's guide to art therapy assessment: Tools of the trade. Art therapy with children as well as adults was discussed as a therapeutic mode which promotes healing and growth. Additionally, she discussed possible graphic indicators associated with sexual abuse and suicide.

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May 1, 2004:

Stephanie Brooke was the keynote speaker for ARIA's "A Night to Heal" on May 1, 2004. A Night to Heal was benefit event featuring performances in dance, drama, music as well as featuring the art of survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Ms. Brooke discussed the benefits of art therapy on self-esteem. Additionally, she discussed the mission of ARIA.

To hear the opening part of Ms. Brooke's speech, please click here.

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June 4, 2003:

Ms. Brooke was interviewed on the PM program for Channel 7 Buffalo Television News. The topic was video voyeurism. At this point, a bill was in process to make it a crime to commit the act of video voyeurism. Ms. Brooke talked about the need for increased awareness of this problem as well as changing state laws to include video voyeurism in the language of the law and make it crime punishable by jail time. Additionally, she discussed the impact of this crime on victims.

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May 3, 2001:

Ms. Brooke appeared on WKBW-TV's AM Buffalo program, talking about her two books on art therapy, A therapists guide to art therapy assessments: Tools of the trade, and Art therapy with sexual abuse survivors. The discussion focused on the use of art therapy with special populations, such as survivors of sexual abuse. Additionally, the client whose art work was featured in her first book was interviewed.

Ms. Brooke was also interviewed for the 5 PM News Program, specifically addressing sexual abuse in light of Marie Osmond's newbreaking story of having been sexually abused.

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