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Greece Art/Psychodrama Group Fall 2009:

Consulting services and Workshops Presentations
How learned is your organization on the topics of art therapy, sexual and child abuse, child development, and behavior management? Expert in the field, Dr. Stephanie L. Brooke, Ph.D., has been presenting at conferences and offering training workshops all over the globe, delivering real solutions and problem-solving techniques in the field. These seminars have been well-received at BOCES, YMCA, Geneseo Elementary School, and Concordia University, to name just a few. Now, these seminars are being presented internationally in Canada, China, Greece, Puerto Rico, Japan, and beyond.

Through Dr. Brooke's workshops, attendees:

  • Learn the fundamental content of the topic
  • Foster critical thinking skills
  • Develop problem-solving strategies in reference to contemporary, historical, and dilemma/decision cases related to the course content
  • Engage in Socratic dialogue and consciousness-raising
  • Apply theory to real-life examples
  • Work effectively in groups
  • Become an active learner

An advocate of lifelong learning and instituting positive, healing change, Dr. Brooke is currently accepting bookings as a guest lecturer at colleges and universities with art therapy programs. Dr. Brooke supports continued education and professional development through expert, customized workshops in the areas of conflict resolution, art therapy, strategies to support work with challenging teens and children, further healing from sexual and child abuse/neglect, child development and behavior management strategies -- all with an eye on tolerance, diversity and related changing and expanding needs.

Workshop attendees gain long-term knowledge and skills to support continued growth and development throughout their professional careers. Dr. Brooke explains ways to define problems, how to decide what’s necessary to solve them, how to find and evaluate new information, recognize limits while offering solutions for positive, healthy change.

As of this writing, Dr. Brooke continues to book a multitude of venue types around the world. To arrange for her to present at your venue, click here.

For a small example of just some of what you might find at one of Dr. Brooke's conferences, click here for a PowerPoint presentation. (file is just over 7 megs)

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