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Stephanie L. Brooke has her M.S. degree in Community Agency Counseling and a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology. Additionally, she is a Nationally Certified Counselor – NCC 31267. She is a dissertation mentor and Associate Professor in the Counseling Department at Capella University, with approximately 37 Ph.D. counseling graduates to date. Dr. Brooke received 14 Steven Shank Awards at Capella University for her teaching and mentoring excellence. In 2022, Dr. Brooke earned the Faculty Excellence Award for Dissertation Mentoring and the Jerome Halverson Distinguished Mentor Award at Capella University. Dr. Brooke served as the Dissertation Coordinator for Counselor Education and Supervision (CES). Currently, she is working on special projects in the Office of Research and Scholarship, providing support for dissertation mentors. 

She holds certifications in Art Therapy, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Play Therapy, Leadership in Higher Education, and MARI Mandala Personality Assessment. Further, she has written books on art therapy, edited several works on creative therapies, written chapters in texts in her field, as well as published several professional, peer-reviewed journal articles. She authored Tools of the Trade, which is internationally known, translated into three languages, and served as a core text for art therapy programs in Canada and the United States.  List of Publications

Dr. Brooke is a national and international consultant. She speaks on the topics of tests and assessments, art therapy, and research mentoring. In 2007, Dr. Brooke helped co-create and co-chair the first International Art Therapy Conference in Japan. 

With a grassroots background, she has held leadership positions in nonprofit organizations such as Charles Settlement House, The Center for Youth Services, Asbury Day Care Center, and The Growing Place. 

Dr. Brooke served on the editorial board for PSYCCritiques for the Journal of Contemporary Psychology and the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Additionally, she was the Associate Editor for the International Psychology Bulletin. Dr. Brooke belongs to the American Counseling Association. 


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